Summer Sports Camp

The Summer Sports camp runs every year from the mid July to mid August. It is for ages 5-16, and consists of many sports activities. For more information, please contact the camp director Br. Ahmad Syed at 330-322-2053.

Please check the calendar of events for the next upcoming annual sports camp.

Weekly Youth Group

A weekly youth group will begin in October every Saturday, for ages 13-18. The youth program is built with 4 primary focuses in mind:

Character development through knowledge and activities

Fun social activities that facilitate the building of strong brotherhood and sisterhood

Community service that fosters a commitment to the community in giving back and establishes the fundamental principle “purpose is service.”

An open space that gives youth a platform to discuss their questions, thoughts, ideas, and problems and address them with qualified teachers and counselors

Details on how to register will be coming soon. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact