ISAK Services


ISAK funeral services goal is to stand by to serve our community in times of grief. We we aim to make the janazah process as smooth as possible for you in your time of need. 


Nikah ceremonies are performed by one of our ISAK Imams. Find out more on how to schedule a Nikah. 


Our youth programs at the ISAK are geared to provide a safe space for youth to build strong relationships and become more aware of issues youth face in their communities.


This dedicated group is upward bound in an effort to unify the Muslim community by bridging the gap between ‘veteran’ Muslims and new Muslims or ‘reverts’. 

Refugee Support

ISAK offers assistance to families seeking refuge in the United States of America. 

Food Pantry

ISAK Food Pantry is part of ISAK’s continuous effort to reach out to the community to provide food and essentials to those in need. 

Financial (Zakat)

ISAK offers financial assistance (Zakat) to local residents. If you or someone you know is struggling and may require assistance, contact us today.