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Salam Alaikum!

Welcome to the official ISAK Convert Committee website! We are very pleased to announce the launch of the ISAK Convert Committee. This dedicated group is upward bound in an effort to unify the Muslim community by bridging the gap between ‘veteran’ Muslims and new Muslims or ‘reverts’. The Convert Committee will hold meetings to discuss issues deemed important by converts and use this information to help new converts in the community. The group will also hold regular meetings for a lecture time dedicated to the converts. Details for these events and more will be posted here and on the Facebook Page (ISAKConverts). Stay tuned to this official website and the Facebook page (below) for updates on events and meeting times! InshaAllah this will be a successful endeavour.

The convert committee will hold two meetings of every month. One meeting will focus on the group and discussion topics that relate to reverts and their struggles in embracing Islam in today’s society. This first event is also a potluck dinner – share your good food with your new brothers and sisters! The other meeting will be a lecture and dedicated time of reflection. Sheikh Musa Sugapong will provide us with the lecture where the convert team will pick the topic the week before. The table below details the times for each meeting.

Meetings will take place in the Musalla – stay tuned on Facebook for the latest meeting locations!

Potluck and Group
Lecture and Q/A session
by Sh. Musa Sugapong
Scheduled Day: 2nd Sunday of every month 4th Tuesday of every month
Scheduled Time: Asr time (meet for prayer) 5:30 PM EST
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Thank you and Salam,
ISAK Convert Committee