Please join me in welcoming Br. Abdulkarim Sekta to our beautiful community as the new Assistant Imam.

Prior to joining ISAK, Br. Abdulkarim served as an Imam and Khatib for seven years in Libya, won first place in several Quran competitions worldwide, and judged some himself. He acquired certification in completely memorizing the Holy Qur’an at the Ministry of Holy Quran Affairs in Libya, and only a year later, acquired certification in memorizing the seven readings of the Holy Qur’an (Nafih, Asim, Abi Amer, Yaghoub, Abo Jafer, Ibn Kathir, and Iben Amer). Br. Abdulkarim has also completed various Islamic subjects, such as memorizing multiple poems in Tajweed rules including (Ashatibia, Aljazaria, Aljamzia), Hadiths including (Forty Nawawia, Albaiquniyah), Fiqh including (Alwaraqat, Ibn Asher, Alrahbia), and Arabic Grammar including (Aljorumia). Br. Abdulkarim is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Quran translation at Kent State.

In his role as the Assistant Imam at ISAK, Br. Abdulkarim will teach in the Sunday School, lead Maghrib and Isha prayers several days a week with a brief khatira (reflection) in between, conduct community Arabic and Tajweed classes, run a Hifdh program, and help out with youth activities as needed. He will also deliver khutbah and Friday halaqa once a month.

Please extend a warm welcome to Br. Abdulkarim. We are very pleased to have him at ISAK and, insha’Allah, the community will benefit from his knowledge and skills.