Youth programs


  • To encourage spiritually motivated youth attendance at ISAK and beyond.
  • To assist in character development and strengthening youth Islamic identity.
  • To strengthen Faith and to increase the youth’s Islamic knowledge.
  • To create social opportunities with purpose of reinforcing each other’s beliefs.
  • To develop leadership and the spirit of teamwork.
  • To accept responsibility and actively participate in ISAK programs to create future leaders.
  • To foster caring, sharing and socializing.

Our youth are very precious, and also very critical to our mission in preserving our religious identity and presence within our society. ISAK aims to develop programs that are beneficial on multiple levels, to help them fulfill their roles as the leaders of tomorrow. The benefit is tremendous.

Our youth programs at the ISAK are geared to provide a safe space for youth to build strong relationships and become more aware of issues youth face in their communities. The programs also help them become more mentally aware, emotionally in control, spiritually (Islamic) connected and socially successful.

These programs consist of Interpersonal skills, Youth group activities, Religious and educational activities, Recreational activities, Road trips and other programs that will be of benefit to them in many ways.

The overall goal of the youth program is to allow youth from across the city and different backgrounds to build relationships, have their own space to learn, and become actively engaged with the ISAK’s overall work.


    Ashraf Mohammed

    Youth Organizers:

    Mohsin Samrah

    Mohammed AbdulMuqeet

    Yaseen Shaikh

    Isra Shaikh