Established over 30 years ago by the Islamic Society of Greater Kent, a predecessor of of Islamic society of Akron and Kent, the Long Range Planning Committee is charged with planning to meet the growing and changing facility needs of the community.


To regularly study the programmatic goals and objectives of ISAK, assess the strategic space needs to accommodate those programs, develop and recommend implementable construction plans to ensure uninterrupted availability of good quality space.

The goals of LRPC include the following:
1. Conduct periodic meetings and surveys in LRPC, community members at large, FIA (parents, staff and BOE), Funeral Committee and Women’s Affairs Committee.
2. Study Islamic centers, Church groups and other public institutions to gain knowledge about the state-of-the-art construction projects and their adaptation to SAK projects.
3. Constitute a broad-based Long Range Planning Committee, preferably of more than 15 members, representing thoughtful members of diverse backgrounds, strengths and experiences to discuss and debate needs, costs, options and alternatives.
4. Present the plans for public discussion before responsible stakeholder groups and committees, Boards and general membership for information and input.
5. Submit the final plans, to the BOD and BOT for final approval and necessary budgeting.

1. Current and ex-presidents of ISAK
2. Members of BOT
3. Relevant members of BOD (VP, Directors of Finance, Facilities, Community Welfare, Women’s Affairs)
4. Administrative Director
5. Members with special skillset and experience.
6. Appointment of the LRPC Chair to be made by the ISAK Board of Trustees in consultation with President of ISAK.

1. The LRPC will meet as often as necessary
2.  All members are voting members
3. All members are voluntary members
4. Minutes of the meetings are to be distributed among LRPC, BOD, BOT, Budget and Finance Committee, BOE and Funeral Committee members. Minutes will be posted on ISAK website and given to members of the Society on request.
5. All LRPC members will be required to read, sign and comply with the ISAK Ethical Guidelines/ Conflict of Interest policy.